Step 1: Book your free 30-minute consultation.

In this call, I’ll listen to your goals and timelines. For example, you may have a big pitch for funding coming up. Or maybe you want your engineers to communicate better with the sales team. Before we finish our conversation, I will be able to tell you whether (and which of) my services will be of value to you.

Step 2: Client planning meeting

In this meeting, we will dig into the details. What does success look like for you? Based on this, we will brainstorm some specific service options and develop a preliminary timeline. After this meeting, I’ll send you a brief written plan to guide our progress.

Step 3: Get to work!

Step 4:

Evaluate how we did. It’s important to reflect on whether you or your team are actually getting better. We will work together to decide how you want to measure your progress.


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