What my clients say...

“Marlit has the unique ability to make everyone in the room (or on the zoom) feel listened to, affirmed, and motivated to be their best self. For example, the skills I obtained from Marlit's courses on "and, but, therefore" statements, presentation slides, and how to navigate Q&As have been instrumental as I prepare for my dissertation defense. It is without hesitation that I strongly recommend Marlit to others.”
— Merci Best, PhD candidate, University of Virginia, School of Medicine, Pharmacology

“I would highly recommend Marlit to anyone who wants to communicate their research more efficiently for three reasons. First, I learned that scientists should not focus on themselves too much by taking her class. Instead, we need to analyze the audience and understand their needs deeply. Second, her course provides a safe place for students to experiment with different techniques in public speaking until we find the tools that work for us. Finally, Marlit is a dedicated instructor who loves to provide constructive feedback to current and previous students. My gratitude for her training at UVA lasts for years.”
— Ruoding Shi, PhD, Applied Economist

“Before meeting Marlit, I felt insecure delivering a presentation or lecture in front of a public audience, particularly one full of academics and scholars. I always feared being received as unintelligible or lacking knowledge. Thanks to Marlit, that has completely changed and I’ve become more comfortable discussing my research to academics and non-academics of all backgrounds. Marlit taught me the importance of using simple language when communicating my ideas to a wider audience, therefore making them accessible to the larger public. She also taught me an array of communicative tactics to keep my audience engaged and interested. Because of her mentorship and expertise, I have grown to become a stronger professional, both in my field of urban planning and more generally in daily conversations and social exchanges. I would highly recommend Marlit for anyone seeking a mentor to help them develop and transform their communicative skills, because not only is she a subject matter expert, the level of care and time she invests in each person is unrivaled. I feel very fortunate that we crossed paths”
— Shahab Albahar, PhD candidate, University of Virginia, School of Architecture, Constructed Environment

"I would definitely recommend Marlit to others. Marlit is enthusiastic about her work and she is an amazing person! She cares about what you want to improve and always makes good suggestions. She also has years of experience working with graduate students from different backgrounds. I always feel inspired when working with her.

Now I am a stronger professional because I can communicate more efficiently. I learned that the audience always comes first. The first step is to analyze the audience and gather the most critical information. I used to prepare what I wanted to communicate, but it is most important to articulate your thoughts based on what your audience is interested to know. Then, using “And…But…Therefore…” and other structures to make the communication flow better. When it comes to details, people can feel more connected when you use analogies. I also improved my vocal variation and physical presence a little bit when doing presentations."

— Xueying Zhao, PhD, Chemical Engineer


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