Marlit Hayslett

Hayslett Consulting, LLC is a boutique communications consultancy serving entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, and other professionals who need to communicate specialized knowledge and ideas. 

We work with clients to recognize the needs of their audience, and then to communicate their information in a way their audiences will care and get excited about.  

Our core values are listening, building confidence, cultural diversity, innovation, and iteration.

Marlit Hayslett, PhD thrives on coaching clients on how to share their professional passions with their target audiences. She connects with you by listening and learning about your interests. Marlit builds on your strengths while also encouraging you to try new techniques. Her clients include researchers and entrepreneurs from China, Poland, India, France, Italy, Kuwait, Costa Rica, the United States, and other locales. Prior to opening her own firm, Marlit coached doctoral students at the University of Virginia and engineers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Geek alert: Her PhD from the University of Georgia compared how scientific information is communicated to policymakers to inform public policy on science-related issues in the European Union and the United States. Marlit enjoys dancing, puzzles of all kinds, hiking, and traveling with her husband.


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